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Created by Will Townshend, PSC Games

From prolific designer Dávid Turczi comes the wargame for the eurogamer: The Defence of Procyon III. In this smart sci-fi struggle, one-to-four players take control of unique factions as part of a team-based conflict. The card-driven battle wages over two boards using 120 amazing miniatures, with humans defending against invading aliens on the surface and orbital space of Procyon III. Played competitively or cooperatively, the highly asymmetric gameplay involves four different card-based combat games interacting with each other and continues until one side has achieved victory in this previously insignificant corner of the galaxy. The world of Procyon III is brought to life by the evocative art of Jakub Politzer (Adrenaline, Sanctum).

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Update on shipping, come and see us at Essen Spiel
14 days ago – Wed, Oct 06, 2021 at 12:39:43 PM

Hello all,

Unfortunately not a lot of news to share this time, but as we're heading to Essen Spiel soon (read more below) we wanted to let you know where things are at before we set off.

UK (PSC Games fulfilling)

Games for the UK are on a boat, currently just passing Malaysia heading for the Suez Canal. We expect this to arrive in Felixstowe in 2-3 weeks. Depending on how quickly it gets through customs we should be able to start fulfilment a couple of weeks after that (mid-end November).

Asia, Australia, New Zealand (VFI fulfilling)

The games for Asia, Australia and New Zealand have been delivered to VFI. They are processing all the documents now, and will be starting to fulfil to Asia very soon, sending a consignment to Australia, which will take about 2 weeks, to fulfil pledges to Australia and New Zealand hopefully from the start of November.

EU & Europe (Taverna Ludica fulfilling)

Our German language partner, Taverna Ludica, will be fulfilling games for the EU from Germany. The games made it onto a boat last Thursday and are due to arrive in Hamburg in 4 weeks. From there it will take a couple of weeks to clear customs and get to the warehouse, but should hopefully start fulfilling end of November or early December.

USA, Canada and RoW (R&R Games fulfilling)

We had space booked on a boat last Tuesday, unfortunately due to inclement weather the boat has been delayed. We have been given a new date of 6 October, hopefully the pallets will make it on that boat. It then takes about 4 weeks to arrive in the USA. However, due to backlogged ports in the US, it's taking anywhere up to another 7 weeks to then be delivered to final destinations. Sorry that it's not more clear on what's happening, everything is just so unpredictable currently.

PSC Games at Essen Spiel

We're excited to let you know that PSC Games will be at Essen Spiel this year in Hall 5 at stand D-118. We'll have a prototype of Total War: Rome: The Board Game, as well as a limited number of advanced copies of Caesar! available to buy.

Do come along and see us, we'd love to say 'Hello and thank you!' to you, our amazing backers!

If you're unable to make Spiel, we will have a presence during as well.

In the meantime follow us on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram as well as on BGG for more gaming adventures!

Your PSC Games team

Addresses Locking, Shipping Update and next project news!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 06:50:13 PM

Hello all,

Apologies for the delay on this update. We have been desperately trying to get shipping information, but with all the complications, it has been very difficult. We would have liked to have had more information available before posting for North American and EU backers, but we are still waiting on shipping dates. More details below.

Addresses locking

As some of the games are now in transit, we need to lock down addresses, this will be happening in two weeks from today on Monday 27 September.

If you need to amend your address you can find out how to do so here;



VFI picked up the games from the manufacturer in the last few days, after processing the orders and completing the necessary documents, they should be starting fulfilment in the first half of October.

UK & Rest of World

The games are on a boat and on their way to our warehouse in the UK, depending on customs when they arrive in the UK, we are hopeful that fulfilment can begin towards the end of October/beginning of November. PSC Games will be fulfilling orders for the UK and Rest of World.


It has been difficult to secure space on a ship for the EU, however our agent is confident that this will be possible in the next 7-10 days. It will take about 6 weeks for the games to arrive with our fulfilment partner, Taverna Ludica in Germany. We will send another update once we have confirmation that the games are en route.

North America

It has been extremely difficult to secure space on a boat for the games to North America, we have tried various shipping agents and asked numerous times, but still have not been able to secure a spot. We are continuing to push and will update as soon as we have more information. We apologise for the delay in getting these games shipped, but as transit time is shorter, we are hopeful that backers in North America won't be receiving their games too much longer after EU/UK. Our fulfilment partner is R&R Games who are preparing to be able to send games out as soon as they arrive with them.

Continue reading for some news about our next project, Total War: ROME: The Board Game, and in the meantime follow us on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram as well as on BGG for more gaming adventures!

Your PSC Games team

We are extremely happy to announce that we are teaming up with SEGA and Creative Assembly to create a board game based on the world-renowned video game, Total War: ROME. Created by multi-award-winning designer, Simon Hall, the development of the game is in its advanced stages. Simon and our team will be working incredibly hard to crowdfund the game in 2021 and bring it to the retail market in 2022.

The board game version captures the essence of the videogame beautifully and effortlessly translates the most exciting mechanics featured within the game into tabletop form. It allows up to four players to play as the leaders of Rome, Carthage, Greece, and Gallo-Germania, covering the time period from 250BC to 50BC. The base game can be played in under three hours, with planned expansions that will allow players to dive deeper into managing battles emulating the video game further.

Drawing on our experience of creating high-quality miniatures and using artwork provided by Creative Assembly from Total War: ROME REMASTERED, the final game is sure to be an enjoyable and truly immersive experience.

Will Townshend, owner of PSC Games states “I am a massive fan of Total War: ROME, and there seemed to me to be an obvious ‘join-the-dots’ in getting Simon Hall to create a board game version of it. Having already played the prototype, I can safely say that anyone who is a fan of Total War: ROME or indeed the whole Total War series, wargaming, or just that period of ancient history, is in for a treat! It will be a blast to get together with friends to see who ends up with the biggest empire and who crumples under the pressure."

Simon Hall, designer, and huge Total War: ROME fan, says "The game is full of rich decisions for the gamer, but at the same time is slick and easy in all of the mechanics. I hope by striking this balance it will be loved by Total War fans, but will also be appealing to board gamers and PC gamers alike."

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Production complete!
3 months ago – Tue, Aug 03, 2021 at 04:36:13 PM

Hello all,

Apologies for the slight delay on this update, but we wanted to make sure we had some worthwhile news to share and were just waiting on confirmation. As per the subject line spoilers production of The Defence of Procyon III is now complete!

We have contact our shipping agents, who are trying to book us space on boats. As I'm sure you've heard elsewhere this is a bit of a challenge given the current shipping crisis, and the large box size will add an extra layer of challenge! But we are hopeful and will keep you updated on progress.

Assuming we're able to get on a boat within the next week or two, we are still on track to start fulfilment in October as per the previous update.

As always, you can check out the BGG entry for The Defence of Procyon III and engage in the forums, as well as follow PSC Games on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for the latest news. We always value your feedback and want to hear from you!

Our best to you all!

Your PSC Games Team

Production started and updated shipping timeline
4 months ago – Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 12:56:21 AM

Hello lovely backers,

We've got some snazzy pictures of the production copy of Procyon to share with you today, but first an update on shipping. We have been designing and redesigning the inserts for Procyon to try and get everything (including the KS exclusives) into the box, but it was not possible, we have now made the box 7mm taller, but this meant another redesign of the inserts, this has unfortunately caused delays to our timeline, and coupled with the industry-wide delays in production and shipping at the minute that many of you will have heard of the recent delays.

These delays will have an impact on our fulfilment dates, there's a possibility that we may be able to start fulfilment towards the end of September, but it's looking more likely that it will now be October before we are able to start sending out your games. We'll keep you updated if this changes, please accept our apologies, we are not a fan of delays, but wanted to ensure we made this game as good as it could be.

The good news is that we have signed off on the final game now, production of the minis is well underway, and production of the rest of the components should start in the next few days.

Onto funner and happier things. You may have noticed us referring to 'inserts' plural. That's because the game will come with 5 inserts, one for each faction and one general one, and each insert will also have its own lid. They are designed to fit nearly everything from the game plus the Kickstarter exclusives. The only thing that cannot be contained in the box is the lunar refinery mini, because it's huge (as you'd expect a lunar refinery to be!).

As you can see the box is chock-full of spacey goodness, so much so that we thought you might need some tips on how to pack it all away, so here's a step by step guide to help.

As always, you can check out the BGG entry for The Defence of Procyon III and engage in the forums, as well as follow PSC Games on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for the latest news. We always value your feedback and want to hear from you!

Our best to you all!

Your PSC Games Team

Production start imminent!
5 months ago – Fri, Jun 04, 2021 at 12:52:37 AM

Hello lovely backers,

A short update today, but all good news! We are still on track to start fulfilment in August time, we will keep you updated if that changes at all.

We received the production samples of the miniatures, as you can see below there's a lot!

Procyon minis

In fact there's so many that we're struggling to fit it all into what is already a large box, especially when including all the Kickstarter extras, but fear not, we are very close to a final design. We hope to be able to share some pictures with you in the next update.

We wanted to make the insert as functional and useful as possible, so it will comprise of five smaller trays, one for each player/faction and one general supply one. Once we've finalised the design, Whatz will send a sample along with all the printed materials for us to sign off. Assuming all is well they will then move on to producing the final game which should take about 6 weeks.

As always, you can check out the BGG entry for The Defence of Procyon III and engage in the forums, as well as follow PSC Games on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for the latest news. We always value your feedback and want to hear from you!

Our best to you all!

Your PSC Games Team